National Association of Preferred Providers

About National Association of Preferred Providers

The National Association of Preferred Providers is a non-profit organization founded in Texas with programs throughout the US. The NAPP's objective is to develop and enhance the members' quality of life, general well-being, and welfare.

The NAPP's mission is to educate members about health, trade, and professional issues. Members may benefit from the NAPP's influence on legislation that promotes reduced healthcare expenditures and improved healthcare outcomes. In addition, the Association assists grassroots organizations working to enhance the neighborhoods of NAPP members.

Members Are Provided With Benefits

Members of the NAPP receive a range of perks.

NAPP members save money on movie tickets, eating, and theme parks. Ticket prices at movie theaters around the country might be reduced by up to 40%. Furthermore, several theme parks provide Association members with access to vacation bargains, special events, and other unique benefits. This perk attempts to make meals and entertainment more inexpensive for members.